Godmother Romania Joins 27Names

April 6, 2022

27Names is excited to announce the newest addition to our network of live communication and brand experience experts: Godmother, one of Romania’s premiere brand experience agencies, has joined the 27Names family.

With over 20 years of experience and 1000+ events behind them, the team of 35 brand experience artisans brings an innovative spirit to 27Names.

Our mission is making a connection between the consumer and the brand through experience. We are guided by passion, ambition, innovation, pride, respect and bravery.”- Valentin Vacarus, Managing Director of Godmother

Why was Godmother interested in joining 27Names? From Valentin, “As an entrepreneur and manager of an independent company, I had many challenges regarding strategies, clients, and employees; to be part of a network is a way of sharing experiences and of learning from others. Lateral thinking, resources, trainings, any kind of tools that helped others to develop their business it is what I expect to get from this experience. I also know that being connected with the most important events agencies in Europe is a status about your vision and capabilities; I’m happy to be part of such a unique network.”

From all of us at 27Names, we are thrilled to have Godmother on board and are looking forward to sharing many inspiring moments with each other. Welcome to the family!

Are you interested in becoming part of 27Names? We are open to welcoming new members from countries we don’t currently represent. Please contact us at info@27names.com for more information.


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