Faces of 27Names: Lotte Barends

June 15, 2020

Meet Lotte Barends, Partner and Account Manager of Bureau Voor Reuring in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


How did you get started in events? How did you end up at BVR?

I was working as a project manager at a publishing agency and was eager to be more creative and very curious about events. A friend of mine was on the board of the Dutch Event Association where Christine van Dalen (Founder & Owner of BVR) was president at that time. A few phone calls later I was working at Reuring (this was back in 2012).


Let’s talk about the obvious: Covid19 has greatly impacted the event industry. As restrictions are gradually being eased, what does Summer and early Fall look like for BVR?

We expect a lot of hybrid events, where we can invite a maximum of 30 – 100 people and include and interact with other guests online. Besides this, we have just moved in to our own new office in a very cool old Diamond Factory. Next door we house a beautiful event space that we have rented out to one of our clients so we hope to organize lots of live events as soon as possible, of course within the restrictions and safety requirements due to Covid19.


– It seems like everyone picked up a new hobby or skill during quarantine- did you as well? 

I’ve had my birthday in the middle of quarantine-time and received a sup-board (stand up paddle board) as a gift. So I’ve discovered our new neighborhood by water the last couple of weeks. It’s amazingly beautiful and tranquil to be on the lake, so you can say this is my new hobby 🙂


– How do you benefit from being a 27Names member?

I feel privileged to know so many international colleagues, people who share the same job and DNA so we can share thoughts, experiences, advice, irritations but mostly inspiration and fun. I really miss not getting together live in this quarantine situation.


– If you weren’t in this industry, what would you be doing?

My dream once was being a ski-teacher, work outdoors in the mountains, but I wasn’t good enough. Instead I am now living with a ski-teacher 😉


– If your colleagues were asked to describe you in just a few words, what do you think they’d say?

Probably that I am responsible and hardworking but always in for a laugh…  (I hope)


– Most interesting thing you’ve read, seen or done recently?

I’m trying hard to finish my way too thick book called Grand Hotel Europe so cannot say it’s the most interesting (yet)…


– What might someone be surprised to know about you? Any hidden talents or unusual hobbies?

I love to listen to different languages and local dialects and act like I can speak them 😉


– Is there anything on your “bucket list” (professional or personal) you have yet to tick off?

I’m not a bucket list kind of person. Actually enjoying everything I am doing or have right now. Maybe that was on my bucket list; being satisfied with what you have. Check, I’m there 🙂

Random Facts

You never know when this info might come in handy 😉

– You’re stranded on a desert island. What 3 items do you take?

My e-reader, a ball, paper & pen.

– If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Dutch bread with sesame seeds.

– What song do you secretly (or not so secretly) have to sing along with when you hear it?

Rupert Holmes’ Escape (Pina Colada song) – it remembers me of my most amazing trip to the Philippines.

Lotte’s Amsterdam Tips

– Favorite coffee shop?

Gezondigd is a small coffee place owned by a very good friend of mine. He is the friendliest cafe owner in Amsterdam and his Chai Latte’s are great!

– Favorite local publication/blog/Instagram account?

YourLittleBlackBook.Amsterdam is a great account to checkout if you’re about to visit Amsterdam. She knows where to find the newest local hotspots.

– Top 3 sites every tourist should visit?

When we’re allowed again, to see a concert at the Bostheater. It’s an amazing open air theatre in the middle of the Amsterdam woods.

Westergas area: I used to live close by. It houses a cinema, brewery, wine bar, concert halls, event spaces, outdoor festivals, playgrounds and a beautiful park.

Foam: Photography museum.



Thank you for sharing with us Lotte!

If you’d like to learn more about 27Names and our members, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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