Back to Live!

February 25, 2021


Attention! The photos you see here are NOT a throwback. That’s right, these pictures were taken at a recent LIVE event in Utrecht that our partner Christine van Dalen, Founder of Bureau voor Reuring was able to attend. Read on for her account of this encouraging event.

Something remarkable is going on in the Dutch event industry. Organizers, scientists and government officials collaborated in the organization of a business event with 500 people that took place in Utrecht last week, during a strict corona lockdown in The Netherlands. The aim of the event was to develop building blocks for a validated roadmap for a safe and reliable opening of our sector. So, the audience was actually a test panel. A very willing test panel, because it was a get together of the event industry, people with a huge interest in organizing events again.

There were areas with cough screens and no masks, areas without any Corona measures, and areas with strict rules. You could only enter the venue with a negative PCR test and we had to wear face masks, but we were not obliged to keep distance from each other. We had to take another PCR test a few days after the event, and it was recently announced that NONE of the participants got infected from the event.

Between registration and the last test, we had to submit several questionnaires about the experiment. This was the first test event of a series of 8, all organized by Fieldlab, a specially created task force. Also, football matches, theatre plays and festivals are on the program for the coming weeks.

And the press loved it too. In the last week, the event has been all over the news here. Hopefully, more countries in Europe can take advantage of our willing government to cooperate in this. After all, we all long for live meetings again!” – Christine van Dalen

Thank you Christine for sharing this VERY encouraging news with us! We are all quite excited to follow the development of this pilot program of test events, and can’t wait to get #back2live again soon!

Photos by Nico Alsemgeest Photography

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