27Names Connected 2.021: Behind the Scenes

February 9, 2021

In a perfect world, our partners would have begun the year by meeting in the beautiful High Tatras region of Slovakia for our first semi-annual meeting of 2021. When it became clear that an in-person meeting in January wouldn’t be possible, we quickly switched gears and decided to plan our first-ever virtual 27Names Partners meeting. After all, our network of agencies is filled with #onlive experts who’ve been leading their markets with innovative virtual event production since early last year, so why not make take advantage of our own talent?

Hosted by our partner CREATIVE PRO Group, the event was the perfect way for our agencies to kick-off the new year. But what was it like to plan an event when the clients were your peers? Project leader Filip Lezovic, CEE Event & Business Director at CREATIVE PRO, shared his experience with us below. Thank you to Filip and the entire CREATIVE PRO team for taking on this challenge and delivering such a wonderful event!

27Names Connected 2.021

written by Filip Lezovic, CEE Event & Business Director, CREATIVE PRO Group

Imagine the most respected Live Communication professionals, inspiring minds, business partners and most of all good friends. All of it. All across Europe. And all connected.

When I was asked to supervise the creatives and production on this project I said “Oh YES, it will be one of those projects you like to work on, because you give very much to the project, but you get even more.”  Little did I know, I would also be directing the event behind the camera, nor that I would end up in front of the camera as well. Not surprisingly it was all of that.

This was not the first time I was tasked with planning a meeting for our European partners, but it was the first time we had to hold it virtually (or if you like, the “new normal”). Whether live or virtual, you always hope for the smoothest and most trouble-free run, especially if your clients and guests are high profile.

What have we learned? Live or virtual, the basics are the same:

  1. Time runs faster

Whatever you do, however hard you try –time is running against you. Virtual time is even running a bit faster.

  1. Art of the Impossible

Passion always aims for the best possible. So, you are balancing between the best outcome

within the time, budget, human, and equipment resources you’re given. But, when you have the “UNREAL” possibilities of the virtual world, the temptation to push it towards the edge is even higher.

  1. I am only a machine, after all.

Imagine the nightmare of all LIVE TV productions. Oh yes, you go ONAIR and there is no picture. OH no! It has happened to us! WHAT HAPPENED? FIND IT. FIX IT. QUICKLY! Running from the backup camera, and thanks to the effort of our team, we ended up with “only” a 1-minute backdrop picture. Live or virtual – when it comes to your team – organic or artificial – team quality is what constantly re-defines the success at the end.

How did it go?

It was a success. Two-and-a-half hours of inspiring content: a live host, remote speakers, presentations and real-time showcase, an Avatar party, and face-to-face session with all agencies.

Thank you to all our friends from 27Names working on this project and to all of my colleagues from CREATIVE PRO Group. I enjoyed every moment! Looking forward to co-create soon again.

PS: And what is new about virtual events? All the rest. You need to embrace not only new technologies (HW and SW) but also new techniques regarding content creation and event direction (scenography and scene composition) within the 3D visual communication. Because now, with the newest technologies based on gaming engines, the sky is the limit!

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